PGIM Fixed Income offers institutional investors needs-based solutions across the fixed income markets, with a focus on credit strategies and liability-driven investing. We manage $637 billion in assets (as of December 31, 2016) with portfolio management and research teams located in Newark, NJ (U.S.), and in our affiliated offices in London, Tokyo, and Singapore.

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The Bond Bull's Twain Moment

Does the recent rebound in inflation and G-3 yields portend the beginning of the end for a bull market that has spanned more than three and a half decades? Or does the increase in rates driven by the Trump bump, the ECB taper, and the so-called reflation trade turn out to be yet another buying opportunity, similar to the taper tantrum and all the other selloffs along the way?

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Robert Tipp Discusses Global Market Conditions on Bloomberg's Real Yield

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Markets Relieved at Fed's Mildly Hawkish Hike

Michael Collins Discusses His New White Paper on the Changes to the Global Credit Cycle

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Recent Thought Leadership

Second Quarter Market Outlook

The Second Quarter Outlook examines the secular fundamentals still underpinning the bond market, the driving forces behind the "reflation" trend, and the issues that may become the most contentious during the Brexit negotiations. (April, 2017)

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Revisiting the Global Credit Cycle

The new, pro-growth U.S. administration and rising global political risks could affect the current credit cycle in several ways, including an acceleration due to changes in regulatory and tax policies and an elevation in tail risks that requires heightened monitoring. (February, 2017)

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